About Meag

Skills + Positive Approach

I've helped businesses create their brand presence from scratch, refine and rebrand entirely and best of all achieve their marketing goals WITH A SMILE!

Education is a big part of what I do for clients. My approach is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the essential tools needed to succeed. I dig in!

I've worked with designers and consultants that keep you in the dark about their work, their rates, like it's beyond you. Blech. I demystify the marketing world with you, so we can create an honest, quality and solid track to success and profit

Why I love Tourism Marketing

I love traveling! I love the outdoors! My husband and I built a tiny home bus and toured around the country for 18 months we love it so much!

Tourism speaks to me because it's all about PEOPLE and creating memorable EXPERIENCES. I encourage my clients to celebrate and share their strengths, passions and personality! Anyone can have a hotel on the beach, or a café on Main Street but WHY should I choose yours? The experience, of course!! That's what I help you craft with my marketing services, repeat, curate and share pairing quality and creativity.