What I Love to Do

Business Coaching


Not sure where to start?! I'm here to help you build a plan and get organized for success. I have a 10+ year background in management, accounting, marketing and human resources.

Web Development


Whether you're starting from scratch or looking for organization and a refresh, I'm here to help! I create  MODERN, affordable, effective and mobile-friendly websites.

Brand Design & Copywriting

brand design wild roots marketing

I craft quality brand assets you'll love to share. I'm obsessed with consistency and relevancy. Logo design, print/banner ads., social media, campaign/project wordsmithing -- I love it all!

Work with someone who understands!

I bring 10 years of tourism, hospitality, and customer-experience focused knowledge with me to every client relationship. My business and marketing consulting services are tailored to your needs; strategy, planning and analysis, brand development and media asset design. 


  • Maximize the VALUE of your marketing expenditures and workflow;
  • Establish CONSISTENCY and quality across channels and media;
  • Engage and excite your team! Build a strong foundation, build loyalty and an authentic message for growth.

Need a plan? Get organized, save money & time! Plus I'm fun to work with!

Client feedback

Jason A.

Meagan has an energy and enthusiasm about her that is inspiring for anyone who has the benefit of working with her.  Because of her direct and always

effective methods, we became #1 rated on Trip Advisor and our social media went from almost zero engagement to 100% responsive.

Katie K.

Meagan was astute, prompt, aware of the campaign image we wanted to create. She was able to execute a plan within our budget and our timeline. She was easy to work with and very understanding of campaign timelines! We will use her services again.

Michelle M.

I must say that Meagan's energy is a breath of fresh air. She is delightful to work with and I am happy to have had her assistance. She knew exactly what I wanted, and designed a logo that, for me, was perfect.

About Meag

Skills + Positive Approach

I've helped businesses create their brand presence from scratch, refine and rebrand entirely and best of all achieve their marketing goals WITH A SMILE!

Education is a big part of what I do for clients. My approach is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the essential tools needed to succeed. I dig in!

I've worked with designers and consultants that keep you in the dark about their work, their rates, like it's beyond you. Blech. I demystify the marketing world with you, so we can create an honest, quality and solid track to success and profit

Why I love Tourism Marketing

I love traveling! I love the outdoors! My husband and I built a tiny home bus and toured around the country for 18 months we love it so much!

Tourism speaks to me because it's all about PEOPLE and creating memorable EXPERIENCES. I encourage my clients to celebrate and share their strengths, passions and personality! Anyone can have a hotel on the beach, or a café on Main Street but WHY should I choose yours? The experience, of course!! That's what I help you craft with my marketing services, repeat, curate and share pairing quality and creativity.


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Let me know what I can help with!

Influencer Branding / Travel Content Collaborations

Did you know I'm also a content creator?! Authenticity always. Visit @wilddrivelife for samples of our travel content, brand collaborations and to learn more about me...

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